Valentin&Byhr wins prestigious award

November 6, 2013 - We won a bronze in the category "best combination of event technologies, b-to-b" at the 2013 Event Technology Awards in Las Vegas.

The Swedish agency received the award for the launch of Quester, a heavy-duty truck manufactured by UD Trucks, which is a part of the Volvo Group. Innovative technology was an important part of the successful global launch event held in Bangkok earlier this year. The specially designed solutions helped to create an experience that activated senses and emotions.

Valentin&Byhr was the only European finalist in the competition. Other nominated brands within the same category were Google and AOL.

- This shows how far we’ve come from traditional advertising agency towards a house of communication with expertise in all areas of communication. All major parts of the technical solutions have been developed in-house, from idea to coding, says Magnus Rösman, Account Director Valentin&Byhr.

A wide array of technical solutions was developed, with focus on letting the visitors experience the brand through interactive installations. As visitors came from eight different countries, each guest received an RFID-tag tailored to the visitor's nationality. By holding it up against any of the 40 interactive screens, the visitors could view the content in their own language.

- We have really employed a full spectra of technical solutions, including multiplayer mobile gaming based on server-side JavaScript, cheap Raspberry Pi microcomputers, 3D-printed objects, Kinect hacks for hand tracking and a computer controlled treadmill, says Erik Arvedson, technical director Valentin&Byhr.


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Tobias Sunnanängs

Tobias Sunnanängs

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