Valentin&Byhr takes PR to yet another level

December 3, 2014

Valentin&Byhr has decided to strengthen its PR offer even further by recruiting two highly qualified consultants - Adam Lichtneckert from JKL and Victoria Malmberg from Grayling. Both recruitments are important steps in the strategy to further integrate PR as a central part of all customer communication.

Adam Lichtneckert began working for V&B on December 1 as senior consultant and strategic PR advisor. Adam has solid experiences in working strategically with confidence-building communication. He's been a consultant during large stock market introductions as well as crisis and media assignments. Adam also spent time as a consultant for Hallvarsson & Halvarsson and Coast Communications.

- Joining an agency that takes good PR seriously is a very exciting move for me. I will bring with me my experience in running long term PR projects that focus on confidence and perseverance and reaching set business goals, Adam Lichtneckert explains. My intention is to keep this mindset with my new colleagues and make magic.

"Joining an agency that takes good PR seriously is a very exciting move for me"
Adam Lichtneckert, Senior PR consultant

Victoria Malmberg too has previous agency experience and was most recently employed at Grayling as junior consultant focusing on market PR. She also has a double Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Communication and Media Studies at Lund University. Victoria also did an internship at Patriksson Communication in Stockholm. Her job title at Valentin&Byhr is PR consultant.

- I look particularly forward to working between disciplines where PR is an integrated part of all communication. I see this as an extremely fun and challenging new opportunity for me and I look forward to working in a strong team with very skilled colleagues, says Victoria Malmberg.

Adam Lichtneckert and Victoria Malmberg

Adam Lichtneckert and Victoria Malmberg

These recruitments are part of the Valentin&Byhr strategic mission to further strengthen its PR offer. The agency has both the capacity and qualifications to take on larger projects within market as well as corporate PR.

- Taking such skilled consultants onboard feels like an early Christmas gift, says Erik Emanuelsson, CEO at Valentin&Byhr. We've been looking for the right people to meet the increased demand for PR and found exactly what we were looking for in Adam and Victoria.

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