Snickers Workwear makes craftsmen become true fans

Snickers Workwear makes craftsmen become true fans

In collaboration with Snickers Workwear, V&B was asked to develop the strategy for the communication efforts during 2015 and consequently build the foundation of a successful launch. The task constituted, among others, of a composed strategy, which Snickers Workwear later implemented globally on all markets. The goal with the communication efforts was partly to increase brand awareness and to build a direct relationship with the craftsmen, but also to create hype around the launch of the new pants.

”What’s your mission, share your mission”

The main strategy in social media was based on acclaiming professional craftsmen who are proud to do a good job. With the concept "What's your mission, share your mission", the craftsmen were encouraged to share their workday, challenges, project, equipment and workwear under the hashtag #snickersworkwear. This created valuable content for Snickers Workwear to further share on their own Instagram account. Most importantly, we built the foundation of an ambassadorship among craftsmen, which we later were able to use for the launch of the new work trousers. Twenty something ambassadors got the chance to test and evaluate the trousers on Instagram before they were available in store. This not only created attention around the product itself but also become the start of several valuable relationships with Snickers Workwear's end customers.

When V&B finished its PR-mission in the end of 2015, Snickers Workwear had got just over 1 500 new followers and #snickersworkwear had been shared nearly 1 600 times with an advertising budget of 0 SEK. Snickers Workwear had established an active dialogue with professional craftsmen around Europe. The company had also acquired several active "ambassadors" from different countries that of own accord shared their content in social media. Additionally, several of these craftsmen acted as testimonials in various communication materials. The launch of the new trousers was very well received by the media as well as among the dealers and end customers. Thanks to the successful launch, Snickers Workwear increased their total sales during 2015 and today Instagram is an established and self-evident channel for creating dialogues between Snickers Workwear and their end users.

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